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A Message to our Customers

Hello to all our dear customers,

We hope you are staying healthy and happy in this difficult time.

At the outset of the pandemic response in March, we at the Good Food & Drink Company were most concerned with responding appropriately and taking into consideration the health and comfort of all our staff and customers. Originally we went straight from full service into throwing together a takeaway system, meaning we could stay in operation to some degree, even when people were told not to go to the pub. There was a great deal of uncertainty at the time, and we soon realised a more long-term and measured response was necessary.

As of now, we believe we cannot run any of our businesses in a takeaway format without risking the health of our staff. Whilst the risk of spreading COVID-19 is so great, we have decided to keep our doors shut entirely. Of course, there is strain on the business and staff whilst we are unable to trade, but we are taking all the steps necessary for us to endure and outlast this pandemic. That way we can welcome back staff and customers alike when this is over, with the same care and quality that we have always been proud to offer.

The sun is shining in North Devon right now, which is something we can all take heart from, and while there is nothing we would love to see more than the buzz of happy holiday-makers, we all know that is impossible right now. For now, please stay at home, and stay safe. When the time is right, our pubs will be ready to welcome you back. Until then, keep your spirits up — make yourself a cool drink, cook up some lovely food, and do everything else you can to keep yourself happy and healthy at home.


The team.


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