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Welcome back to the Depot!

We are delighted to invite you back to the Depot! We are sure you'll understand that things have to work a little differently for now to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Please familiarise yourself with the following:


Our menus are single-use and will be recycled after use, to comply with company social distancing guidelines. Our kitchen is running with fewer staff members than usual hence our currently limited menu. This means we can't be as flexible with dishes as we usually are for the time being. Please make sure staff are aware of any allergies or special dietary requirements.


Please stay seated as much as possible. Only leave your table to go to the toilet. We are providing full table service — let us do the work!


There are hand sanitiser stations around the site for your use. Please use them when you enter, and again before using the toilets. Keep washing those hands!


We are running a full table service for drinks and food. These will all be delivered to your delivery table. We kindly ask you to pass meals between yourselves when they arrive to limit contact and avoid breaking social distancing rules. When you have finished with drinks and plates, please place them back on the delivery table so we can clear them.


Toilets are located towards the exit door. Please be mindful of queuing for the toilets and please only two people in the toilets at any time. Baby change facilities are located in the disabled toilet and in the ladies toilets.


You will find yellow hazard boxes taped to the floor; these are NO STOPPING zones. Feel free to walk through them but please do not stop. Ordering from the bar is not permitted at this time.


Please keep to the left of the walk areas when inside and exit the building via the door by the toilets. If you are going outside to smoke, or for any other reason, please enter the building back through the main entrance.


Where possible, contactless payment or card payments are strongly recommended.


Please enjoy your time back at the Depot! If you have any questions, feel free to ask staff members while on-site. We ask that all customers respect social distancing guidelines to ensure the safest possible experience for everyone.


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